Sunday, October 27, 2013

Real Book Vs. Ebook?

Do you prefer an ebook or a physical book? I think there are some good and bad things about both 0f them. I have a Kindle Keyboard 3G but am asking for  a Kindle Fire this year for Christmas!



- can get them quickly and easily
- can eat and drink easier with an ereader
- text to speech, can highlight quotes, make notes
- can borrow ebooks from library with my Kindle
- can hold over 2,000 books and is light to carry around


- can die on you while reading which is never good
- always the chance of it getting broken
- sometimes you can't tell what page you are on, only says percentage
- you buy the book but you have no physical copy to own
- my Kindle doesn't have glow light so I can't read before bed without having the light on which I hate doing
- if there are pictures in books you will not be able to see them easily
- long periods of reading a computer screen can create eye strain
- software bugs can freeze and or ruin your device

Physical Books:


you can have them to look pretty on your bookshelf
- very easily obtainable
- can see photos much easier
- can always see what page you are on and how many you have left
- you can feel and smell the book
- choice between hardcover and softcover
- can get these books signed


- can get heavy to carry around
- usually more expensive than ebooks
- hard to eat or drink while reading physical books (don't stay open)

 As you can see, I like both ebooks and physical books. I would prefer a physical book but sometimes the easiness of the ebooks gets to me. I like both and as you can see, I have issues with both as well. Some people say that in a few decades physical books will be a rarity and I hope that is not true although I can see it turning out that way. Technology is taking over our world but I hope it doesn't take over our books.


  1. I can also take physical books in water such as floating around my pool and soaking in my bathtub. Not brave enough to do that with my kindle or my phone (which has the kindle app)